Ania Jakubowski

Ania Jakubowski

Former General Manager Coca-Cola

Working as a Senior Executive, Ania relates her daily leadership practices to the areas of speaking,

training, consulting and mentoring. She inspires; bringing a fresh perspective and encouraging

self-reflection, to promote a more human approach to leadership, and a more sustainable

approach to how organizations deliver their bottom line.

“With a conviction that ‘what’ you achieve is important, ‘how’ you achieve it, makes all the

difference. Your leadership legacy will be the environment you create, the culture you instill and

the organization you build.”

Ania draws from her experience working for consumer good ‘giants’ Procter & Gamble, Coca-Coca

Hellenic Bottling Company and The Coca-Cola Company. She currently serves as a Supervisory

Board Member of Bank Millennium S.A.